The Four Must Have Items For Any Plus Size Fashionista


The Dress The Wows The Room

Want to know where to get the perfect dress for less? Try Lane Bryant.Lane Bryant has some beautiful choices when it comes to finding the perfect dress that wows the room. You can find everything from geometric prints, to Floral prints, to a little black dress. No matter what your favorite style Lane Bryant definitely has some plus-size fashions that will help you rock your inner fashionista. You can also click the link above and grab your favorite dress on discount using Groupon coupon discount codes. Those coupon codes are free and offer you up to 70% off of the retail price. But, that's not all you need to tell your outfit together...


Killer Curves With Lingerie

Did you know that you could accentuate your Killer Curves with lingerie? Lane Bryant is an awesome place to shop lingerie for plus sizes. They offer has a little more give than High Street brands - that way you feel sexy and confident and not all boxed in. You can definitely find bras and lingerie at Lane Bryant that help you accentuate your curves in your dress but definitely wows the room. This will definitely make you feel even more sexy than you do in the dress, but what else do you need to complete your outfit?


The Necklace That Accentuates Your Features

Believe it or not a necklace can really accentuate the features of a curly girl. Curvy girls don't realize how some necklaces really can make their eyes pop, or make an outfit pop even more than it does on its own. When it comes to accessorizing your curves, you should definitely choose a necklace that makes you feel sexy and confident. For instance, if you have blue eyes blue or green stones jewelry will definitely make you stand out. If you have hazel eyes or brown hair, rose gold jewelry will really do the trick when it comes to making your face prop. Jewelry isn't always all about shapes and sizes. Just like being a curvy girl you can wear jewelry that flatters your skin tone and outfit and really makes you pop and sizzle.


The Shoes That Tie It All Together

When it all comes down to the outfit, you'll need some shoes that tie it all together. The perfect pair of shoes will fit your feet beautifully and accentuate your legs and outline. This can be anything from a gorgeous wedge, a cute pair of ballet flats, or even a stiletto heel. Depending on what you are most comfortable in, you will definitely find some cute shoes for last when you shop using the coupon codes on Groupon. Just like everything else we've mentioned above there are coupon codes that can help you save up to 70% off your whole entire outfit. You just have to use the search bar on Groupon and simply search shoes and you'll find some awesome coupons. It's that easy!